U.S. Tax and Cross Border Planning

We provide comprehensive and seamless U.S. tax and Canada-U.S. cross-border tax and estate planning advice. Our U.S. attorneys have over 25 years of combined U.S. tax experience and are licensed to practice law in several states. Before coming to Toronto, they all trained and worked in the U.S. where they gained U.S. legal experience, as well as extensive experience in dealing directly with the I.R.S.

Our U.S. Tax Services Include:

U.S. and Canada/U.S. Cross-border Personal Tax Advice

U.S. and Canada/U.S. Cross-border Corporate Tax Advice

U.S. Estate Tax Planning

U.S. Voluntary Disclosure and Remediation

U.S. Federal, State and Local Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution

Canada-U.S. Transfer Pricing

U.S. Information Reporting and Withholding Tax

Tax review and general U.S. tax consulting

Our Lawyers

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