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Family Trusts 25.02.15

Robert Kepes’ article about using family trusts appeared in the Globe & Mail.

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Robert Kepes in the Globe and Mail 14.02.15

Trusts can help families protect their heirs as well as their assets. 

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Build Family Trusts Properly 23.01.15

Robert Kepes of Morris Kepes Winters was interviewed by Melissa Shin of on the subject of how to build a family trust and why ‘evil trusts’ won’t work. He also did a Q&A about trusts in general.

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Beware the hidden tax 20.01.15

Veronika Chang of Morris Kepes Winters wrote an article in the January issue of The Lawyers Weekly about the hidden tax for US oil spills.

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Testamentary trusts taxed to the max 03.12.14

Andrea Dickinson and Cindy Chiu of Morris Kepes Winters LLP were both interviewed by Wealth Professional for an article about testamentary trusts.

Here’s why the CRA wants to know what’s going on in your bedroom 03.12.14

n November Robert Kepes of Morris Kepes Winters LLP was interviewed by columnist Garry Marr of The Financial Post for this article on Why the CRA wants to know what’s going on in your bedroom.

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A complex formula for U.S. residency 30.10.14

Veronica quoted in The Bottom Line. 

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U.S. taxes on funds? 30.10.14

Veronika Change on American taxpayers who own Canadian investment funds may be subject to U.S. taxes.

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Stay on top of changing U.S. rules 30.10.14

Veronika Chang is quoted on the new rules.

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The taxman's take on condo profits 29.08.14

Robert Kepes of Morris Kepes Winters LLP wrote an article for The Lawyers Weekly on how the booming condominium market in the GTA and Hamilton has attracted the interest of the Canada Revenue Agency.

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