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Canada and U.S. are best friends when it comes to tax collecting 01.08.19

Despite the rhetoric of current protectionist measures, we still live in an interconnected world. Not
only do people, goods and services cross the border, but so do taxes. A good example of this interconnectedness is the Canada-U.S. Income Tax Treaty. Because they are friends who do for each other, Article 26A of the treaty allows the two countries to assist each other in the collection of taxes.

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Tax Court of Canada pilot project aims to increase access to justice 24.07.19

The Tax Court of Canada will soon conduct a pilot project, called a Preliminary Ruling Docket (PRD), which will offer a more expeditious, cost-effective way to obtain a preliminary
ruling from the Tax Court. The opinion would not be binding on the parties.

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Not filing U.S. tax forms serious for Americans in Canada 10.05.19

It’s been nine years since the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was passed in the United States, and almost five since the U.S. and Canada entered into an intergovernmental agreement to share tax-related information. Americans who live in Canada should know now that they are required to file a U.S. tax return and other information returns annually.

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Looming IRS change could impact doing business in U.S. 24.04.19

On March 27, the Internal Revenue Service announced that only individuals with tax identification numbers may request an Employer Identification Number (EIN) as the “responsible party” on the application. 

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Beware misconceptions about U.S. residency rules 11.03.19

We’re in the throes of winter and countless Canadians spend time in Florida. But Snowbirds have a common misconception that they are limited to a stay of six months in the United States for any calendar year.

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Fighting for the tax payer: Top Ten Tax Boutiques 29.01.19

Mark Twain said the only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin. Advocating on behalf of the leftovers are the winners of Canadian Lawyer’s top tax law boutiques list, whose lawyers say they are focused on federal fiscal policy changes, at home and in the United States.

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23 countries where money can buy you a second passport or 'elite residency' 29.01.19

The super-rich are no longer just spending their money on private jets, yachts, and hotels — they're also splashing out on second passports.

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U.S. tax changes could effect Canadians 05.11.18

Recent U.S. tax changes designed to repatriate the profits of large corporations such as Apple are subjecting American citizens living in Canada who hold shares in closely held corporations to punitive tax measures and potentially double taxation, say Ontario lawyers.

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Trump's tax changes hit U.S. residents of Canada, dual citizenship holders 11.09.18

Recent tax changes in the United States can have huge implications for Canadian residents with U.S. or dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 introduced a new Internal Revenue Code Section 965. It levies tax on post-1986 deferred foreign income of deferred foreign income corporations (DFICs) as of Nov. 2, 2017, or as of Dec. 31,2017, whichever is greater.  

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Tech and Taxes: From robots to the universal basic income 27.08.18

This article was originally published by The Lawyer’s Daily (, part of LexisNexis Canada Inc.     

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