This web site is for Donors who participated in the Christian Economic Assistance Foundation (“CEAF”) Student Support Program. It offers donors information and updates about the tax appeal to the CRA. Nothing on this web site is legal advice for you to rely on.

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If you are a CEAF donor who may be or has been reassessed by the CRA, and you are not already our client, click here to learn how to engage our firm in this matter. 

If you have already received a CRA Reassessment and it is dated more than 30 days ago, and you are still interested in engaging our firm, please contact us directly at 416.800.1958 or at ceaf@mkwtaxlaw.com


In January 2018 we launched a service level complaint due to the Canada Revenue Agency’s delay in addressing the Notices of Objection.  In response, CRA advises that they “are now gathering and analyzing information in order to implement a common approach for the review of these objections.”  We have not been supplied with a specific timeline for this review.

We have spoken to the Canada Revenue Agency and have been advised there has been no change to the status of the file.  The Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) is still dealing with older projects.  As mentioned in the past, we have the option of appealing to the Tax Court of Canada without waiting for CRA to take any action, however continuing to wait for CRA to deal with your matter is by far the most cost efficient way to go forward despite the delays as an appeal to Tax Court would involve significant expense.